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3D Modeling

Located at the core of all 3D creative media are 3D models.  They provide the foundation for 3D graphics and animations and are a vital component to a successful project.  3D modeling is the first step in transitioning your product, idea, or concept into a three-dimensional design.

The uses and benefits of 3D models are endless, making it a great investment for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Product Development

Traditional prototyping methods are expensive, time consuming, and typically cause added delays to the development process.  With computer design, we can create working models at various stages of the design process, allowing products to be brought to market in a more cost and time efficient manner.


Three-dimensional designs provide your audience with an enhanced perspective by offering clear and unobstructed views of highly detailed products, systems, and processes.  3D models help to educate potential customers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our 3D Modeling Services

Industrial3D’s in-house creative team has the knowledge and experience to address your specific 3D modeling needs, including:

  • Model Build/Pre-Visualization
  • CAD File Translation
  • Model Revisions & Touchups
  • Rendering
  • Engineering & Design Consulting

Contact Industrial3D to further discuss your 3D creative media needs.

Want to see what Industrial3D can do? See some of our 3D models on our 3D modelling portfolio.

Oil and Gas 3D Models


An effective solution for:

Visual Aids
Training Tools
Engineering Design