Industrial3D specializes in developing 3D creative media.  All of our products feature rich, compelling and technically concise 3D craftsmanship, custom designed for each individual client’s needs.  The biggest differentiator between our products is the nature of the deliverable – what is it used for?

To help our clients determine which I3D services are right for their projects, we have simplified our service offerings to reflect categories of deliverables.  Please, select a category below to learn more about the products we offer and see examples of each.

Static Imagery
Non-motion graphics illustrate detail to inform, educate and inspire.

Motion Graphics
Animations and/or videos communicate complex ideas and scenarios safely and effectively while engaging your audience with both visual and audible stimulation.
Experiental Products
Engage audiences with a multi-sensory experience to drive retention and establish leadership disparity.
Brand Optimization
Consistent visual branding and messaging is essential to successful marketing for long term success.


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