One of Industrial3D’s newest animations shows the process of a new surgical compactor & extractor in the form of a 3D medical animation. Watch this 3D medical procedure below.

Testimonial from: Ron DeVille, C.R.N.A. (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist), & Inventor “Imagine creating an informational video about a concept which only exists in someone’s mind and for which there is no prototype. You would have to possess the intellectual capacity, imagination, creativity, technical abilities for 3D modeling, graphic design, audio and visual graphic presentation capabilities, and utilize all of these to take a mere, nonexistent concept and create an informational video. This would be an absolutely daunting project for anyone to undertake. Yet, this is exactly what the team at Industrial3D was tasked to do. Their performance from consultation to the finished product was exceptional. The entire team was genuinely interested in what I wanted the video to produce in the minds of the individuals viewing it. The result was a stunning combination of audio, graphic, and video presentations which displayed what I had envisioned, and exists only in my mind. And, although the final payment was made, I was completely satisfied, and the project considered complete, it was still not acceptable to Beau, the owner of Industrial3D. He emailed me and wanted to place my patent number on all of the video, and to do this at no extra cost to me. This is the type of exceptional service you can expect from their firm. If you are looking for a one source company to perform your amazing graphic presentation needs, you have found it!”

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