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Company Background

Industrial3D was born from the dreams and hobbies of one man, Beau Brown.  Beau began creating 3D animations in his spare time while working for a major drilling contractor in the oil and gas industry.

A veteran of the Marine Corp., Beau possessed the resourcefulness and persistence to learn a technology that very few individuals were even aware existed when he first began experimenting with 3D animations back in 1995.

Eventually, a member of management saw an animation of a pressure relief valve created by Beau.  As his skills grew, he began creating more technically complex 3D animations and illustrations involving oil and gas related topics and equipment.  His hobby soon turned into his full time job.  Once he had developed his core animation skills, he began creating animations for clients in industries outside of oil and gas.

In 2002, Beau pushed the technology and training envelope by creating Industrial3D.  His 3D animations aided CNN and other major media news outlets in worldwide coverage of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.  His creative animation skills combined with his technical expertise of the oil and gas industry helped others gain a better understanding of the disaster occurring over a mile beneath the ocean’s surface.

The company continues to evolve and is now comprised of a team of individuals with decades of experience as CAD designers and animators in industrial related fields.  Our creative services are applicable to and used by companies in a wide variety of industries, such as energy/oil and gas, manufacturing, medical, and engineering.  We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and service offerings so that we may continue to help our clients stand out as an innovative leader in their industry.

Meet our team

beau brown
Industrial3D Founder and CEO Beau Brown circa 1988.