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Virtual reality evokes emotion, simplifies complex ideas, gives you credibility, and helps you tell a story that the user can experience from anywhere in the world. Industrial3D specializes in virtual reality for business training, marketing/sales, and in a world where remote work from home (WFH) is now mainstream. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the leading-edge 3D technologies to immerse customers, employees, and stakeholders into a versatile experience.

There has been an advancement in technology to make VR more accessible than ever. VR’s ability for people to control and move three-dimensional 3D objects in a virtual world, making their hand, head, or body movements the controlling ‘mouse’ can be designed for your computers, mobile phones, conference screens, and tradeshow displays. From consumers virtually touring facilities, or testing products to training an employee how to assemble a product in a manufacturing line, immersive learning gives companies the control to demonstrate, customize and communicate a product, space layout, or process both internally and externally to optimize the users understanding, retention of information and engagement.

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Train your employees using virtual reality tools & immersive technology that allow you to simulate the work environment on an immersive learning platform. Even better, use those virtual simulations to expose trainees to more realistic situations and allow them to practically apply their knowledge.

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Market your business using virtual reality or augmented reality to show a client or customer why they need your product. Seeing is more impactful than reading, and immersive learning technologies in marketing can give your potential clients a better idea about what to expect with your product in little time.


Sell your product using existing sales materials! With virtual reality, you can set up a virtual meeting and present information like you might have before your operations moved online, saving you from the need to recreate a process you already know works.

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