3D Printing

Our 3D printed models create a durable, authentic display for your final product

From the screen, into your hands, we give your product life with 3D rapid prototyping.

3D printing is a group of techniques utilizing rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D modeling & industrial prototyping to quickly fabricate a realistic scale model of a physical part or assembly of a product using 3D design.

3d drilling rig scale model

As a professional 3D modeling studio, we already have the necessary tools to take your 3D design and utilize 3D engineering and additive manufacturing technology to give you another option to display your products or parts.

For 3D printing service, you’ll supply us with a sketch of your part or product, or a CAD drawing. We will develop a 3D design of it and construct, print, and assemble the part with additive manufacturing.

Below you will find several of the services we can provide for 3D printed products. Unsure of which option would best suit your company, fill out the form below. We are ready to answer questions to get started on your project today.

3D Prototyping

3D rapid prototyping & 3D modeling have revolutionized the way many industrial companies develop their products. Instead of just showing past examples of work through photos or videos, 3D prototyping allows for digital replicas of parts or products, before it is ready for the market. 3D models bring products and services to life to show potential clients exactly what your company can offer.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, or back engineering, is very beneficial for industrial companies, that have a lot of intricate tools, products or parts. This process takes an already built object and deconstructs it to reveal its design, make or find an answer for how a part or product might work. There are many ways that reverse engineering in oil and gas can be helpful. Whether it is making a copy of a product for sales or analyzing the design and process of a tool to understand how it works, to improve or change it.

Realistic 3D Models

Sales & marketing benefit from using industrial 3D printing service with a real-life model and therefore reduced cost. As mentioned above, being able to bring what is on paper or the computer to 3D printed models gives potential clients a whole new perspective on your product. Providing tangle sales material makes selling that much easier. Save money by using a 3D printed model for early sales videos or for tradeshows to display the product.

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