Case Study: Oil & Gas Animations for Petrosains Museum

This case study highlights the services Industrial3D was able to provide Petrosains museum with engineering oil & gas animations for an oil platform discovery portion of the museum.


Petronas Oil Company came to Industrial3D needing engineering oil & gas animations for their oil platform discovery section of the Petrosains Museum. To understand what Petrosains is, this article explains, 

“Petrosains, The Discovery Centre is a Malaysian science and technology museum located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur within Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers. It is owned and operated by Petrosains Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malaysian oil and gas conglomerate Petronas.” (


Petronas is among Fortune’s Global 500 largest corporations in the world, and it is an integrated company in the international oil and gas industry.


When Petronas came to Industrial3D, requesting visual explanations for the drilling process, I3D’s experience in animation immediately led them to offer several animation variations of the drilling process. From explainer animations to engineering animations, as well as 3D process animations and 3D product animations. 

Everyone has seen short explainer animations & videos often used in museums around the world. When it comes to oil and gas drilling, exploration, and discovery, videos are impossible as it is all done where the human eye cannot see – underground and offshore.

For Petrosains Museum to be a top of the industry experience and give it the 4.5-star rating from visitors, which it is known for, oil & gas drilling explanation animations are the answer.


Industrial3D has both years of experience in the animation building process and understanding oil and gas drilling. Combined, this provided I3D with a lot of ways to get started on these technical animations. Built, both from original 3D animations and 3D animated pieces from Industrial3D’s library, I3D compiled four short explainer animations for Petrosains Discovery Centre.

The instructional animations requested by The Discovery Centre included Wireline Logging, Casing & Cementing, Drill String, Coring, and Drill Bit Types. All of which required the complete process animated and also explained.

To start the animation production, I3D used model drawings & 3D renderings for proper illustration of the intricate details of the drilling process. I3D takes the graphics and models and brings them into the latest 3D animation software to build the complete oil and gas technical animation. Finally, the correct wording will be incorporated to correspond with the animation process to let the viewers understand the visual presentation and 3D instructional animations. 


Upon approval from Petronas, I3D was able to fulfill the needs of the Petrosains Discovery Centre. Being able to provide complete, 3D technical & instructional animations for Petrosains Museum was an invigorating process. To be able to follow through with animation service for the needs of such a massive company, I3D was able to empower Petrosains in bringing their full Oil Platform exhibit to life & completion.

Watch the animations created by Industrial3D below.

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