How To Find & Solve Drilling Issues With MWD

This explainer animation shows how MWD works when a planned well has anomalies and the anatomy of the drill string.

This 3D animation shows a planned well, utilizing Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD). MWD is a type of Logging While Drilling (LWD). As the demand for oil and gas has increased, drilling has become more complex with horizontal drills. Well drilling has had to adapt and improve. MWD combines measurement tools and warning instruments into the drill string, providing real-time information with steering the drill.

This explainer animation shows the planned well with expected anomalies and the anatomy of the drill string. After the Drill Bit comes the Mandrel & Bearing Section, followed by the Near Bit Geosteering System and then the Power Section. After the Power Section is the Imaging Gamma with a power supply and master control center, followed by the MWD Sensor. While drilling, this MWD sends a sensor out to detect anomalies and drill around them to continue to the destination point.

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