N-Scale Bird Creek Bridge Model Presented to Senator Inhofe

Industrial3D had the honor of building the historic Bird Creek Bridge in an N-scale model for Senator Inhofe.

Industrial3D was approached by a close friend of Senator Inhofe to create an N-scale model of the historic Bird Creek Bridge near Owasso, Oklahoma and Highway 169.

bird creek bridge model

The bridge was demolished in 2015 after construction built a new bridge to widen the highway. Senator Inhofe was instrumental in funding to create the new bridge.

Although, he was instrumental with the funding for the new bridge, he was very sentimental with the old Bird Creek Bridge because he always knew he was almost home whenever he crossed. Industrial3D re-created an N-scale model version of the old Bird Creek Bridge and presented it to him before Christmas.

From start to finish, printing, assemblying and finally painting, Industrial3D completed this process every step of the way to bring a beautiful piece to present to the Senator.

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