Revolutionize Offshore Drilling With Digital Mapping

Neptune Energy has revealed digital mapping of the North Sea, opening up the idea for development of more 3D technology to revolutionize offshore drilling.

The world is changing. Never has it been of more importance to be on the leading edge of these changes than in 2020, with restricted travel and social distancing. I3D has already noted the significance that virtual reality can have on the oil and gas industry, but one area we have not mentioned by name is in the offshore portion.

A recent news article published on highlights Neptune Energy’s recent accomplishment in the article “North Sea Platform Gets Digitally Mapped.”

The article states,

Neptune Energy has revealed that the Cygnus platform in the North Sea has been digitally mapped….The development, which is part of Neptune’s ongoing digital transition of its assets, means onshore teams can now take a virtual walkthrough of the entire Cygnus platform, plan work and monitor changes in the physical structure of the platform.


Neptune Energy continues by stating the benefits of creating 3D virtual assets for offshore technology by saying,

‘We are excited to be early adopters of such innovative technologies which can enhance the efficiency and safety of our operations, reduce costs and offshore travel, and enable greater collaboration between our onshore and offshore teams,’ Neptune Energy UK Managing Director, Alexandra Thomas, said in a company statement sent to Rigzone.


Creating 3D digital platforms, virtual tours, and virtual walkthroughs of offshore operations will revolutionize offshore maintenance and assets, both for efficiency and cost.

Industrial3D has the skills and expertise to help facilitate the virtual development of the offshore oil and gas industry. Contact us to guide your company to virtual excellence.

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