The Grunt Lift System Animation

Animation that showcases the importance of The Grunt Lift System.
Industrial3D visualizes the importance of The Grunt Lift System. The Grunt will help prevent an injury or even an accident in icy conditions for transportation workers/truck drivers. This retrofit is an easy installation with a lifetime of benefits. The automated system replaces the older style hand crank, saving time, money, and health. For more information regarding The Grunt Lift System, please visit

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BP Gulf Oil Spill

Industrial3D Founder and CEO Beau Brown has been featured several times on CNN and other major media news outlets for oil & gas news. The main appearance was to explain aspects of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill using his 3D models and animations.  The interviews have been viewed thousands of times on social media sites such as YouTube. You can read more in our case study about it here.

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