Virtual Reality

Teach & learn by seeing – 90% of people remember what they see, compared to 30% of what they read. This is the beauty of virtual reality.

Virtual reality facilitates hands-on training, research, and understanding of complex oil and gas, engineering and geological applications. This helps to reduce considerable time and money spent. Request a quote to get started for your company.

Advance Skill Level

Practice makes perfect. VR takes practice to a whole new level by providing unique training & engineering solutions. A 3D interactive experience turns passive observers into active participants. Educational information is shown as 3D interactive content that imitates the real world in both form and function. In other words, it acts & feels like the real thing. Improve proficiency through consistent virtual training and practice – explore, practice, troubleshoot, and evaluate.

Adaptable. Portable. Mobile.

In today’s fast, ever-changing world, being adaptable is vital to the industrial workforce. VR/AR lets employees take job training with them, wherever they may need to go. Employees can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere by being to access visual instruction and training from a web browser, mobile device, a laptop or VR and AR platforms. 

Train Faster, Smarter.

Typical training modes for operations, maintenance & safety is uninvolved, not allowing for individual training. Due to the expense & difficulty in scheduling live training sessions, employees are often not allowed to explore procedures. Virtual Interactive Simulations & Games allow operations, maintenance and field teams to perform complex procedures with better safety, speed, and fewer errors.

Lower Operational Costs

An interactive 3D experience reduces the travel costs, facility expenses and instructor fees involved with live training and support. Save on subject matter expert travel & equipment shipment costs to and from each location. No more work training conferences to bring employees in from around the country. A distributed workforce will be able to perform & train in complex procedures with significantly less cost, decreased risk to staff or equipment – anytime, anywhere.

VR/AR Interactive Simulations

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